By putting together experts from the fields of classical music and film production, we believe it is possible to create an aesthetic that truly enhances the Iistening experience. Attaining that critical balance between gripping yet unobtrusive filming is at the core of our approach. Our aim is to distill the unique and specific character of each piece of music, together with the distinctive nature of an individual performance. The atmosphere in a concert hall is an intrinsic part of the concert-going experience. We want to preserve this and therefore employ a discrete filming style, both in terms of camera placements and operator movements.


Technical quality is paramount. Sound engineering is a top priority and our film aesthetic is based on the latest camera technology, recording in HD resolution.




A live concert is more than just the performance. Part of our concept is to offer additional production material such as artist interviews, glimpses from rehearsals and other backstage activities that show the setting and surroundings of the concert venue. We hand pick and recruit experienced classical music presenters for each project.




The Music in Motion website offers both direct streaming and downloading from our site, plus an integration to each client’s site. Our primary aim is to generate as large an audience as possible for our clients and a rich programme of high quality concerts for our subscribers. Our networking concept ensures that each client gains access to a wider audience. Existing social network channels and classical music communities are also exploited to increase audience reach. For clients also wishing a physical format, we gladly produce DVD or Bluray discs.




For each client, we tailor a style that is seamlessly integrated with their existing profile. Visitors to the client’s site can view short extracts of their concert productions for free, or purchase the complete concert from Music in Motion.



Dependent on the scale of each production and the level of initial investment from our clients, income from web and DVD sales is redirected to our clients on a percentage basis.

We also work actively with sales directly to broadcasters. Income generated here is channelled back to our clients in the same way.